I will do market data, demographic reports, maps, competition



Location Intelligence | Ignite your market research & analysis by combining demographics, consumer spending, and lifestyle data. Presentation ready reports for any location at your fingertips…. Visualize data to help understand market growth and gain insights about your target audience. Tailored to your needs.

The data-dive team will provide detailed demographics, consumer spending, & customer segment reports by zip code, city, county, block group or any specific address using ring radius or drive time analysis. 

Benefits: Uncover hidden opportunities and gain insights about your customers & market. Esri’s updated data includes current-year estimates and 5-year projections of U.S. demographic data.

  1. Social media marketing data; facebook target marketing
  2. Perform site, competitive, and trade area analysis
  3. Benchmark areas against a successful existing location or geography
  4. Identify your target audience and create customer profiles
  5. Customer segmentation to find new customers based on the
    characteristics of your most profitable clients
  6. Optimize target marketing strategies to effectively reach customers

Premium solutions – data driven approach!


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