I will do java programming projects task in given time



Hi am Java Developer and I have experienced of two years in J2SE and J2EE. I have worked on several real time Applications.
I can work on

Java SE

1) Object Oriented Programing
2) Network Programing
3) Multithreading
4) JDBC (Mysql,Sqlite,MongoDB,Oracle)
4) IO Streaming
6) GUI (Graphical User Interface)
7) Dao Layer
8) Design Patterns
9) Jasper Reports
10) Mail Api
11) iText Api
12) jFreeChart Api

Java EE

1) Servlets & JSP
2) Hibernate 4.0 & 5.0
3) Maven Projects
4) Restful Webservices
5) JSF (Primefaces)

Tools IDE

1) Netbeans IDE
2) Eclipse IDE
3) BlueJ
4) Jcreator

History of Work

1) Ishop Management System
2) Management System of MC Gambat (Government Project)
3) Water Plant Management System
4) Rice and Pulses Agency Software
5) Hostel Fees Management System
6) Pesticides Management System
7) Auction Market (E-Commerce Web Application)
8) Library Management System


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