I will do IT business consulting



I have been an  IT business consultant and have more than 5 years of experience of assisting clients in analyzing, implementing and evaluating business projects and implementing technology to gain sustainable competitive advantages. I have a small team of consultants and each one of them brings on board several years of experience of working in high growth start-ups and MNCs in various domains.
Why hire us?
*Our core strengths include Business Process Improvement, Project Management, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Business Strategy Formulation, Internet Media Application, Implementing Lead Nurturing & CRM Systems and Creating IT Balanced Scorecards.
*Our USP is our vast experience and deep understanding of technology and businesses as a whole.
*We conduct very extensive research and study each and every facet of business as the 1st step of the project. We do competitor analysis and bench marking to ensure that an effective solution is provided. 
*We follow an agile method of project management and the client is given real-time updates of what is happening on the project through tools like Basecamp and Trello. 
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