I will do imacros web automation data scraping crawling collection



Hello Dear,
Welcome to my iMacros GIG.
I am Developing iMacros Script since 2015.
iMacros saves your valuable time and make regular boring web tasks Faster, Easiest, Automatic and Enjoyable.
  • Web Automation, Scraping, Crawling, Extracting, Testing
  • Data Mining, Entry, Collection, Capturing
  • Connect Switching Proxy
  • Change User Agent
  • Bypass Any Captcha (API NEEDED)
  • Auto Fill-Up and Submitting forms
  • Data Save or Take as Input From .TXT or .CSV file
  • Auto Download or Upload files
  • Taking Screenshots of whole page or an area
  • Cleaning Formatting Extracted Data
  • Save or Print web pages
  • Shop Products Listing
  • Blog Posting
  • Perform event based human kind of operation
  • Account Registration Login Creation Creating
  • AJAX
  • JavaScript, VBS logic support
  • Create a BOT for any web task
  • And Much More complex tasks or formulas
? iMacros Type:
  • .iim (static)
  • .js (dynamic)
  • .vbs (dynamic/excel)
Script will support on iMacros Browser, Firefox, Google Chrome etc.

NOTE: All Services T&C Apply.

? TeamViewer or AnyDesk Support FREE!!!
? Save this “GIG” by clicking (? Saved) on top bar.
?? Please Contact Me Before Placing An Order ??


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