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I am Keshara Dorakumbura who play a role of “senior lead” on managing terabytes of logs in my company on top of ElasticSearch. Knowledge & the expertise I have acquired over the last 4 years make myself pretty confident on getting the job done for any challenges that lie upon. Importantly, Its been not just a single instance of cluster, rather I’ve being responsible for minimum of 10 clusters across the globe, including in-house data centers as well as AWS cloud, that I have to support on numerous customer requests. That includes;

– Cluster architectural deployment to suit the expected demand
– Cluster roll-out via Ansible & as well as using respective release sources  
– Cluster Upgrades & maintain version compatibility
– Data management & performance optimization
– Troubleshooting
– Automation of daily routine tasks
– Dashboard creations
– Monitoring & Alerting
– Performance Benchmark
– Query best practices
– Working logs/message transformation from different agents, e.x. Beats, Logstash, log4net, log4j, etc.
Expertise components => ElasticSearh/ Logstash/ Filebeat/ Kibana/ Redis/ ElastAlert


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