I will do effective cold calling, telemarketing for you



We know the secrets and have the technique to get results! Most of our life experience is in sales and telemarketing, we will provide you an effective TELEMARKETING Cold Calls for You, 100 calls per gig. We offer the best telemarketing Service provider, we will help you with the best appointment setting Service.

We are the Impex BPO (a team of 3 sales experts).
8+ years of experience in telemarketing in multiple industries.
Over $12.000.000 in sales!
Able to call from the US and Canadian Local area code.
The projects we used to work are:
  •   Real Estate Companies
  •   Insurance Companies
  •   B2B Companies
  •   Loan or Financing Companies
  •   Travel Agencies
  •   Telecommunications Companies
First of all, a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every kind of project. We’ve more than 8 years of experience in Cold Calling and appointment setting (B2B & B2C). 
N.B.  – Please Never share or ask for personal information. We only deal with all orders and payments via Fiverr.


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