I will do cold calling, appointment setting for you



Please contact me before placing any order. 

1 .I will do cold calling or telemarketing to contact the Numbers that you will provide me to sell, promote your Product or service.In case of no answer I will leave text or voice mail.

2 .I will Try my best to sell your product or service or set appointment or whatever is Requirement with very good communication,accent,selling techniques,and convincing skills

3. My goal will not be only dialing but getting positive results  for you.

I have been working as Telesales representative and Customer service Representative and have been doing Appointments setting since 2011.
I have worked on many projects In USA,UK,CANADA with very positive attitude and finished with positive results
I am determined, focused, and try more than the best to get positive results .With Good communication skills, decent accent and attractive call etiquette I will  try to convert every call into a sale.
I require the following things to finish the job with good results. 
2.Calling Data
3.Company profile
If you don’t have Calling data I can arrange that for an extra cost
Please feel free to contact to have information .its free.


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