I will do cold calling and lead generation for b2b



I am a professional Telemarketer/Virtual Assistant since 2012, who
also specialize in Lead Generation. I will Cold Call your contacts and
pitch your product/service to Business. I can speak fluent English in
a professional manner and will effectively negotiate on your behalf.
I’m a good closer and can handle customer objections with care. I am available for Full Time as your required any Time Zone.

For Long Term : $9 for an hour. Or $7 with commission

7 Years Previous Successful Experience in:

  • B2C Telemarketing
  • B2B Telemarketing
  • Inbound & Outbound Calls
  • Close the sales with transaction
  • Quality Controller

Previous Worked Campaign are:

  • Wealth Investor (USA)
  • Domain Selling (USA & Canada)
  • Air Duct Cleaning (Maryland)
  • Solar Project (Nevada and Australia)
  • LED Light (Victoria)
  • Insurance (UK)
  • Micro Cash Advance (USA & Canada)
  • SEO & Webb-Design (USA & UK)
  • Selling Software (USA)

Just send me your Call list and Script with details Information & I will do the rest

All work remains strictly confidential.

***Please send a message before placing order and complete instructions of work to be done***

Best Regards


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