I will do business strategy consulting



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Struggling to grow your business or survive in an immensely competitive market?

I will learn about your business problem and based on my 14 years of work experience as a professional business analyst. I will offer advice on “the strategy” to overcome the business challenge/s related to product / service, marketing, alliance / partnership/s, profitability and / or expansion. 

In the past, I worked as a full-time employee
with global brands such as Deloitte, Sutherland Global, and Boston Analytics. I have served and continue to serve companies (large, SME, startups) from across all industry sectors and diverse locations.

During my career, I have served world-renowned brands such as GE Finance, Citi Finance, IBM, Arthur D. Little,
Booz, Godrej, Hunt Partners, and SKC&C. I have been particularly
recognized for my organized working style, comprehensive research skills, solid
analysis, well-structured presentations and precise consulting. 

I hold a Bachelors in
Engineering and a Masters in Management and have been a top performer with
a strong track record.

Leverage my vast experience and expertise to grow your business.


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