I will do appointment setting,sales,lead gen by cold calling and telemarketing



  Please  contact before Placing the Order

Cold Calling is still one of the most effective and responsive ways to Sell or promote your business. Because this allows to communicate with prospect and convince the same time by answering the cross-questions are asked by prospects.

Cold calling or Telemarketing is not only calling people and ask them to Buy but its about making them buy or at least creating interest or making a potential lead for the future.

  • My job will be calling prospects or leads and convincing them until they are convinced or at least make them consider your service or product in the future whenever they need it.

  • I will call leads and after the conversation, I will leave text message as well regarding the product or service, So the prospect could go through the main points whenever he needs to recall your product or service. And it will work as a soft reminder as well.

  • I will try Answering machines and No Answers 3 times with appropriate time periods and leave the Text message with Call back Number.

  • You need to provide me All the details of your product, Script and Calling Data.

   Do not hesitate and ask If you have any questions.


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