I will do any task related to ms access database



I’m ready to do all different tasks related to MS Access databases:

  • Visual
    Basic (VBA) functionality
  • Designing and implementing database
  • GUI design
  • Designing complicated queries, forms and reports
  • Reorganizing data, import from csv files and excel or other database
  • Redesigning already made database, optimizing it and compacting
  • Making macros
  • All other thinks related to Microsoft Access database

I have developed many databases during 15 years experience involving creating database for clients like Mercedes and several non-governmental organizations, and many local clients. I love to resolve problems with databases.
It is important to understand your task with all information you can provide and version of MS Access you have. After I understand request I would reply, and if you accept proposal the work can start.
LOOK FORWARD to resolve your task and database issue!!


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