I will do any arduino uno project with simulation



I am an Electromechanical Engineer  and i have been programming Arduino for 5 years now.

I will do your project and i will add explanation in the coding and proteus file simulation if you need it so you can understand what i did in it and a scheme for the connection, also i can work with any external sensor or data acquisition device

i will work with you to debug any issues until it works the way you want it to even if you have zero experience with arduino

Also can work with Bluetooth module and making a specially designed app for you project

I can work with many types of sensors and actuators such as:

Ultrasonic Module, IR Sensor Module, Soil Moisture Sensor, Pressure Sensor Board, LDR, PIR, Temperature Sensor Module,MQ-Gas Sensor Module,IR Infrared Flame Sensor Module(AND ANY OTHER SENSOR)

Please feel free to contact me anytime and ask as many questions as you need.

And please Contact me before placing an order just to make sure that i can do it, also because project time and price may vary according to the project size

Thank you so much.


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