I will do amazon product research for private label fba pl



*100% Viable product supported by numbers with money back guarantee, full responsibility and maintaining the confidentiality*

I will assist you to achieve success in FBA PL business via finding the golden product using amazon product research techniques which gives you full competitive edge and a better launching pad to launch the product with full confidence. 
Currently I offer the below services:

? Amazon Product Research

? Amazon Keyword Research
? ASIN-based searches
Tools I use are as below:
? Helium 10
? Jungle Scout
? Merchant Words
? Viral Launch

What you will get:

  • Detailed report and data analysis of chosen products in comparison to the competitor and main keywords.
  • Shipping and FBA fee calculations with approximate net profit and ROI projection.
  • Excel file and images of first few pages of listings showing average sales, revenue, review rating, number of reviews and brand dominance. 
I will need the below info from you:
1) Your preferred niche (if any)
2) Your launch budget
3) Limitations if any (FDA/other regulatory body approvals etc)
4) Sourcing limitations
5) Product selling price range
6) Preferred Market (US,UK,DE etc)
So, get in touch to discuss further. Cheers!


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