I will do amazon product research for fba private label and fbm



Thank you for reading my GiG.
I am an expert in  Product Research for Fba Private Label., I
feel I am a well-suited candidate for Product Research. 
Performing Research for Product and developing a new product in the Amazon marketplace is my bread and

??? Tools I use for Product Research ???

There are few of them:

Viral Launch Market Intelligence  ??
Jungle Scout PRO Extension ??
Jungle Scout Web App ??
Helium 10??
Merchant words??
?? ?? ?? ?? ??      P R I V A T E __ L A B E L      ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

1. All Private Label products are/have (you are free to change the criteria of course): 
2. Between $15 – $50 (Best Price points for PL) 
3. Great Sales velocity – at least 300 sales a month! 
4. Poor quality of competing products 
5. LOW COMPETITION (Low reviews + lots of room for improvement)
6. Not patented products 
7.Low seasonality 
8. High Margins 
9. High Demand (More than 300 sales a month) 
10. Small in size (Fits in a shoebox) 
11. Light (under 4lbs) 
Amazon product research  US, UK, De, FR, IT, AU, Ae, CA Markets.

Ahtisham Nazeer


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