I will do a wide range of project management tasks professionally



With more than 10 years of professional project management experience, I’ve put together these three packages to help us work together. These are only guidelines as the world of project management is so complex and we can’t just highlight it in 3 packages. Get in touch before choosing any package, please.

As this is my first attempt to be on Fiverr, I have designed the basic package to give you access to affordable professional advice. If you need an opinion or a review for a certain and simple matter related to project management then this is the right package for you. It doesn’t include any creation of materials/presentations of reports. 

The standard package was designed to enable us to work on longer and technical assignments including reviewing project documents/presentations/reports or anything more critical than the basic package.

The premium package was designed to enable us to collaborate on delivering a project. It is the recommended package for anyone who is struggling in daily project management tasks and project delivery. Think of it as your online project manager


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