I will do a quick product search in 24 hours



Looking for amazing products to buy but just don’t have the time??

My Gig will aid you in finding the perfect products you are looking for on the internet

I can aid you in searching for anything for sale on the Internet. I can even provide side by side comparisons to aid your decision, when applicable

Requirements (Things you will have to provide):

  • Name the product(s) (Electronics, Cars, Books. etc)

  • The websites you recommend me to use when searching for the product(s) 

(Amazon.com, etc.)

  • Particular features of the product(s). 

  • The price range of the product(s)

  • A medium of communication

  • Address: Country, city, state and district. No need to give full actual address, as your privacy and anonymity are valued.

Final document will be in an Excel sheet form.

Final document can be in PDFWordExcel sheet, or Powerpoint ppt form if you wish.


Try it out, it’s risk-free!

Note: Contact me in advance so that I can explain the gig further.



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