I will do a product and market research in the bulgarian market



My name is Martin and I am a Digital Account Manger from Bulgaria with over 2 years of experience.

Some of our clients are : SAMSUNG, SONY, GSK, SAP, ERICSSON, Shopping Malls and etc.

I have experience in all areas of digital marketing such as:
-Social Media management, Social media ads
– SEO Audits and implementation
– Google Ads 
– E-commerce
– Email-marketing
– Digital marketing campaigns
– Media buying
– Content marketing
– Influencer marketing
– Market Research

Don’t hesitate to contact me as any client needs personal attention and my packages are broad. I would be happy to review your needs and offer you a solution!

I can do a product research analysis of the market in Bulgaria for a specific niche, product, service or sector in general. Examples you will find in the report:

– Who are your competitors
– What price range does/would your product land into
– Market quotation
– Tendency of the product
– Market trends
– Market segmentation
– SWAT Analysis of your product
– What do users think about you
– Adviced market strategy and development


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