I will do 2d game development and design in unity



I am a freelance Games Development student coming up on 2 years using Unity Engine. I have successfully completed multiple games, including games for PC, Xbox One / PlayStation 4 and Mobile Phone.

A game will be delivered using your requested version of unity and package choice, with varying levels of completion for those who just need the extra push to the or for those who are too busy to maintain the project.

Complete game development cycle will be delivered of a high standard, including complete:
– Game Design
– C# Scripting
– UI Design / Implementation
– Sounds
– Local Save

Assistance will be given to those who wish to publish to google play, steam and AppStore if the “Upload to App Store” addition is purchased or included in your package. Any queries can be answered before the project is begun, with full creative control, very regular builds for testing and professionally presented update videos weekly


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