I will develop unity games professionally



Hello! Looking for quality content within budget then you have found the right place!
I am a game programmer and game designer with experience at WeRplay and Infinity Ward. Game development is my passion and my goal is to create memorable quality games.. 

8+ years of coding experience, 4+ years of game development experience.

Things I can do:

-C# and javascript coding
-3D Modeling and Animation
-Game design / Level design
-Puzzle design
-2D and 3D games
-Networking for LAN or online multiplayer
-Simple AI
-Pathfinding and physics engine
-3D rendering, shaders
-Maths: vectors, quaternions, etc.
-Integrating 3D animations and 2D sprites
-Particle effects
-And more…

Let me know about your project and I will offer a fixed price for it, your satisfaction is what my job on Fiverr will so get in touch.
feel free to contact and get your custom quote today.


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