I will develop database software including SMS system



Welcome! You are at right place to get your need. 15 years of professional career and currently managing MS Access database on large scale with text messages and reduction of paper work throughout the company.
1- Login system with authentication and privileges.
2- Track user activity on data entry using Audit Trail.
3- Text messages system allows you to send SMS to your client.
4- Retrieve scanned images quickly located in computer drive on one click.
5- Analysis forms and reports weekly, monthly and yearly basis added. .
6- Custom dashboard,icons and friendly environment.
7- Automatic timely reminder will be added to view any kind of information.
8- Non-responsive user activity EXIT capability included.
9- Bug fixes and implementation.
10- If necessary, will be provided feedback.

Note: Before placing order please contact me. Special discount may be given for serious buyers project. 


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