I will develop complete project management plan



Project Management Plan consists of multiple other plans that cover your stakeholders, requirements, scope, deliverables, resources, staffing, vendors and procurement, quality, costs and risks etc. A project management plan would majorly consist of:

  • – Communication management plan
  • – Project scope management plan
  • – Schedule management plan
  • – Staffing management plan
  • – Quality management plan
  • – Risk management plan
  • – Cost management plan
  • – Process improvement plan
  • – Procurement management plan

I can help you create your Project Management Plan using the latest methodologies of PMBok.
Starting from:

– Data Collection to creating PM documents :
– Project Charter
– Scope Statement
– Stakeholder Register
– Duration Estimations
– Gantt Charts
– Resources Sheet
– Resources Assignments
– Risk Register and mitigation plans
– Communication Matrix
– Tracking Gantts
– HR Management Plan
– Q/A Management Plan
– Closing documents… and much more!

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