I will develop android app in kotlin



Hi, I am Ahmed. I used to develop Android Apps using Java, but then I found Kotlin. Kotlin is super flexible and fast. Now I am in love with Kotlin.

Native Android App vs Hybrid App ? 

From reading many articles this is what i can say, Hybrid apps are perfect for developing minimum viable products with limited budgets and time frames, while native apps are suitable for products that require flawless performance, custom features and hardware control.

What Areas you can work on ?

  1. Firebase
  2. MySQL, MongoDB ( As server side database )
  3. SQLiteOpenHelper, Realm & Room 
  4. Live Data, Rx Kotlin, MVVM Architecture 
  5. FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) implementation ( Push Notifications )
  6. Firebase Machine Learning Kit implementation 
  7. Ads Integeration
  8. Hardware Control implementation
  9. Third party APIs integration
  10. Maps/GPS services 
  11. Authentication using Gmail, Facebook, Phone

Do you have any work Motive ?
Yes I always try to do

  • Implementation using Design Patterns and Data structure suitable for your project
  • Responsive design for all screens 
  • Complete running code
  • Deliver the project as soon as possible without wasting time

Place the order right now and get your idea done.


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