I will develop a website, blog on hugo



This Gig is Only offered for Creating and Hosting a Responsive Static Website using Hugo

Hugo will enable you to start blogging statically. 
Benefits of Hugo sites
  1. Over 5x faster than a WordPress site
  2. Use prose.io (free) to update your site from your browser
  3. Customize  with no additional costs (free plugins)
  4. Absolute control over customization
  5. 24/7 uptime
  6. Get a free SSL certificate for your website.
  7. No additional hosting costs (free)

You can choose to migrate your blog/site from WordPress/Wix/Squarespace/Shopify to Hugo.

Third-party services
  1. Netlify, Forestry.io
  2. FormSpree,Formingo,FormKeep,SimpleForm,Formester,Google Forms
  3. Talkyard, StaticMan, Disqus
  4. Snipcart
  5. Algolia

It doesn’t have to be a blog. Hugo will handle any static site with grace.
* Domain name not included
* Also working with gitlab pages and bitbucket pages

* Are you a non-techie, I will setup your site on forestry or netflify cms?
* Are you looking to launch a Hugo website with multilingual capabilities?
* Or maybe you prefer to deploy your site on AWS

Inbox me and start discussing your project 🙂



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