I will develop a minecraft based plugin for your preferences



I will take some time for your request and develop a full customizeable plugin perfectly for your preferences. This could be of any size from a small Utility Plugin to a more advanced Minigame.

All deliveries include free testing and revision process on my server before delivery and free upgrades to new minecraft versions if you choose to purchase for a version >= 1.13

There are no limitations to what you are going to request.

To see which server software I interface look at the FAQ tab.

Unless anything else was agreed on, requesting the source code does not grant you explicit ownership of the program. You  may use it for personal / commercial purposes but may not exploit the source to the public.

Prices can vary depending on your actual request. Please send me a custom offer request if you want to buy a more extensive plugin.

Make sure that your request fits the pricing plan!

Please make sure to provide me with as much detail as possible when ordering a gig. Especially at the $5 Tier. If something is unclear I’ll usually ask you to be more precise and explain the feature in question for me.

I would recommend you to send me a message to my inbox before ordering.


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