I will develop a game in java, cpp, python



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Looking for someone to do your projects or programs in C, C++, Java, Python Language? I will do it for you. I have 4 years of programming experience. I can build custom and regular desktop apps, game development.

Programming Languages:

  • C Language 
  • C++ / Cpp
  • Python
  • Python Scripts 
  • Database Queries (SQL)

Skill Set 

  • structs, single pointers , double pointers, functions, File Handling, Operator Overloading
  • OOP(classes, polymorphisminheritance, composition)
  • Data structures(static & dynamic Arrays, Linked List, Queues, Stacks, Hash table, Graphs, AVL, BST, 2-3 Trees
  • Concurrent/Multi-Threaded programming, Semaphore concept
  • Socket programming
  • Database
  • Scripting
  • Desktop applications (JavaFx, Java swing, Python PyQt5)
  • Game development (Java, C++, Python)


  • Development
  • Debugging
  • Clean and Optimized Code
  • Prefer Quality over Quantity
  • Satisfaction Granted 


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