I will develop a game for you in game maker



I will create a 2D game for you in GameMaker (1.4 or 2) for Windows, Android or Web (HTML5). It can be a Platformer, an RPG or more.
I’ve been working with GameMaker for over 6 years now and have made many different types of games. Tower defense, card games, real-time strategy, bullet hell, clicker, etc! And I can learn to make almost anything you need.

I can also give the game some pixel graphics instead of placeholder graphics.
These will take longer and cost more though.

I would advise you to contact me before ordering.

Demo example:
A platformer game with the core mechanics of

  • Run
  • Jump
  • Spikes that kill the player
  • Invisible blocks
  • Low gravity (Floaty Controls)

A bullet hell game with

  • Menu
  • Random Bullet Generation
  • Score system, savable high scores
  • Upgrades and Powerups
  • Health and healing
  • 5 Levels

Full Release example
RPG with

  • Real time combat
  • Spells with mana cost, cooldown, varying damage and effects
  • 15 different enemies
  • 5 areas
  • 3 classes
  • Loot and equipment
  • Random levels
  • (More Details)


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