I will develop a fundraising strategy for your startup



In the United State alone, more than 500,000 startups are launched each month. Less than 1% of them were funded by VCs & Angel investor. Raising funding become an impossible task for early stage founders. Even though, you are a jack of all trade, you will need to work against time. That why running out of cash is the second main reason (29% of all fail startups) why most startup fail. 

I had worked with more than 10 startups who raised funding. Each case is different and unique. Even though, you are looking for money, other the relationship between investors much complicated and much more challenge in recent year. From what I lean, investor are looking for synergy. So you will need to focus on following 

  • investors – startup fit
  • strategy alignment
  • character and tracked record.

If you rather hand those over to someone who already doing this every, please let me know. Hope to help you prepared your next chapter of your startup. 


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