I will develop a fascinating android and computer game



If you are looking for someone who can not only create an astonishing game for you but help you develop a cool idea for it and guide you all the way to the project release, you found the right gig. At the end of my work, you are going to have a fully done, great playing, fancy-looking, and easily expandable game. I offer you:

  • Integration of your content(graphics, story, idea)
  • Full implementation of the main mechanic
  • Unique style creation
  • C# scripting
  • Great game design
  • Uploading to Google Play (if you want)
  • Attention to details
  • Free level design of 20 levels (if the game is level-based)
  • Excellent work with lighting
  • Cross platforming (Android, Windows and it will be easily exportable to Mac and IOS)
  • And much more…

Fill free to contact me and with my help, you’ll get the game of your dream.

Notice before ordering:

  • Every project is different, so the price will not always be the same as displayed in packages.
  • Number of levels in packages represents the overall amount of scenes, not levels in your game (main menu, skin customizing, level itself counts as one scene that could have many different options)
  • My service does not include 3D modelling or making graphics. I only make the game itself.


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