I will develop a battle royale game



Game Design:

Design consulting typically includes the following specific services:

  • Analysis of problem and requirements
  • Definition of product development scope
  • Requirement gathering
  • Defining feature sets, game mechanics and art requirements
  • Drafting of Requirements Document

We provide game design consulting both as a stand-along service and as part of a complete game design and development package.

Game Development:

Our primary service is game development for mobile, console, web, and computer video games. We will create a high-quality game that offers a smooth and engaging user experience. We can work with a requirements specification that you provide, or help you to create one based on your business requirements.

Game development typically involves the following services:

  • Gameplay scripting
  • Art asset design
  • Gameplay and technical testing
  • Thorough documentation in a Game Design Document

I have developed and released many games. I’m a software engineer from the USA, I’m available to chat or talk about your idea. 

Game examples can be found at



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