I will design erd, uml , normalization and projects in any database



I will design database using Oracle, MYSQL, MS Access and UML diagram.I have good expertise in database. I can do  any work related to it.I can create complete web application with PHP, JAVA,J2EE applications front-end connected and can host it for u as well.The details of all work are provided as follows.  

I can create.

1. ERD Diagram

2. Any UML Diagram 

3. Normalization upto(3rd normal form) + BCNF.3. Queries (Simple + Complex)

4. Complete Back-end Development with front end as well. 

5. Logical Schema.

6. Conceptual Schema

7. Physical Design.

8. Access forms, Queries and reports

9. Oracle forms plus Application builder on Oracle Application express.

In short every task related to database I can do it.
FIRST CONCERN ME BEFORE PROCEEDING TO GIVE ANY ORDER. It’s good that we first discuss all your requirements properly and clearly and after that I start the work. to avoid any cancellation. 


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