I will design database, create erd and sql queries in short time



I’m passionate to work with databases.

I can help you with:

  1. Making Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
  2. Logical Database Design (Transformation of ERD To Relational Diagram)
  3. Normalization Up to 3NF
  4. Making Logical Model and Physical Model
  5. Database Creation
  6. Table Creation
  7. Write Simple and Complex Queries
  8. Apply Constraints on Table
  9. Create Joins and CRUD Functions
  10. Database Objects Creation (Index, View, Sequence etc)
  11. Bugs Fixing

I can help you with improve the performance of your queries by Denormalization.
I can create Star Schema and Snow-flake schema for you.

Database I mostly used

  1. Oracle(Sqlplus)
  2. mySQL
  3. MS SQL Server
  4. SQLLite
  5. PhpMyadmin

Works Experience

  • I have designed databases for following projects:

  1. Bus Reservation System
  2. Fast Food KIOSK Machine
  3. Pizza Delicious Online System
  4. Cabs Online Reservation System
  5. Online Quiz System

  • I can help you with front-end and back-end
  • I would love to work with project teams who needs Database Designer for their projects..
  • Feel free to contact me before placing an order. THANKS
    Note price can be increased or decreased depend on your project complexity and requirements


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