I will deeply edit up to 850 words in 24 hours


Please note: I do not edit academic assignments, literature, poetry, documents that contain only bullet points, resumes, or perform article spinning.   

Do you have an important message that needs to be rewritten in clear, engaging language to make it stand out and leave a strong impression? Is it drafted in a Microsoft Word file and under 850 words? This gig is for you. 

My credentials: 20+ years of professional writing and editing experience; trained at the PhD level; and 1200+ enthusiastic customer reviews   

This is not a basic proofreading service. Each package includes line rewriting to correct: grammar, syntax, idioms, flow, word choice, structural issues, inconsistencies, redundancies, and vague statements. While I do not have the expertise to fill in gaps on every topic, I use my critical analysis skills to offer tailored feedback that enables you – as the author – to do so.

Is your document overly wordy? I offer a gig extra to trim content that’s distracting and not essential. Is your document written in ESL? I offer a gig extra for cultural translation. 

I look forward to helping you make every word count. 


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