I will customize or edit html css jquery javascript and php code



*********** PLEASE ASK BEFORE ORDERING *********** ?

I will customize anything on your website.

  •   If you need to customize or edit a PHP code: I will do it.
  •   If you need to customize or edit the HTML code: I will do it.
  •   If you need to customize or edit the CSS code: I will do it.
  •   If you  need to customize or edit the JavaScriptcode: I will do it.
  •   If you are using jQuery and need to customize or edit it: I will do it.

Just please tell me clearly your requirement.

I’m always online, so I can answer your messages as soon as possible.

I like to deliver as fast as possible, so depending on the requirement I could deliver it in less than 1 hour, 2 – 5 hoursbut please take in mind timezones or any other unexpected event that might prevent to deliver it that soon, but rest assured that it will be delivered in less than 24 hours (unless we agree on a bigger project that requires more time to deliver).

Guaranteed Efficiency

*********** PLEASE ASK BEFORE ORDERING *********** ?


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