I will create unreal engine 4 blueprints for your project



Hello everyone!

It will be my pleasure to help you materialise the game mechanics you have in mind, into a well built robust and well documented unreal engine 4 blueprint.
I will answer all your questions regarding the project, how things work, and what’s their exact purpose.

Before making an order, it is very important that we first discuss the project requirements. 
Due to the nature of the work, it is difficult to quantify and properly explain the complexity of such projects in the 100 character package description.

My credentials:
Computer engineering degree.
4 year experience in C programming language.
2 year experience in Unreal Engine 4.
Knowledgeable in java, python and MIPS assembly.

I started learning Unreal Engine 4 as a part of the game architecture classes in the third year of my computer engineering degree. Have been tinkering with it ever since.

The 5$ basic price does not reflect the quality of the finished work. It’s that low because the gig is new and it has to get going.



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