I will create ue4 blueprints for your project



Please contact me with a description of your requirements first (might save a couple $$)
Hi! I’m Litruv and I’m here to create your ideas for blueprints in Unreal 4!
Every project is unique, and so should your code – that’s
why I’m helping you customize your experience with Unreal, even with
plugins you’ve bought
, to get out of the template + tutorial feeling
your current game has!
With 6 years of experience of using Unreal (4.0.1 release!), I’ve got a lot of experience under my belt with a broad range of projects, helped out in and completed on my own. (Check out my other Gig!)

I’ll be happy to contact you over Discord (post purchase) to discuss your project details with you over voice!

I’m not an artist, models will be acquired from Sketchfab if needed, and animations from Mixamo.
If you’re wanting just some small fixes that could be done over TeamViewer, check out my real-time gig!



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