I will create text ads and adwords account and manage also



You will get 2 expanded text ads and 1 responsive search ads means 3 ad copies.

I will create text ads for your business or service. The price includes the ad creation cost only. The daily or campaign total budget will have to be added by you or you can ask me to manage your ads.

My approach:

1) The very first thing is to understand the business/service I am going to create ads for.

2) Understand the customer need why they want me to create ads (leads, registrations, calls, downloads, buy products, etc.

3) Finding the best keyword ( or get keywords if clients already have it) for the location they want to advertise

4) Search those keywords on google and view over 50+ websites so I can create possibly the best heading and description among them for your ads.

5) I use the maximize click bidding so you get the most clicks within your budget (use another if there is need of another bidding as well). 

Please Note:- in some cases the campaign may go in learning status which will need 1 to 5 days to start the ads completely. No changes need at this time as the ads will start automatically so no need to take tension.


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