I will create scripts for your google sheet



If you are using Google sheets and want to manipulate data via GAS then you are on the right place.

I’ll write a professional GAS to help you automate all your tasks using technologies like:

  • Sheets
  • Docs
  • Drive
  • Gmail

The scope of the tasks that can be done with GAS is very broad, it can include data processing in a spreadsheet or generating a report to send via email and many more actions across the suite of applications offered by Google

Few Features:

  1. Delete/Add/hide column and rows, Set formatting
  2. Making calculations
  3. Send automatic emails/SMS, track and read/auto response emails from Gmail account
  4. Perform quick actions while Editing a sheet
  5. G.Form/Dynamic web form and functions performs on Form submission
  6. Convert sheets to Excel, PDF and CSV formats
  7. Making entries into G Calendar from G sheet
  8. Upload files into G Drive with a form
  9. Connect SqlServer/MySql/Cloud Sql db
  10. API examples

Xero, Bounceless, Yelp, RestfullAPI, YouTube, G.Translator, Gmail, Bitly
11. Creating Google Doc add-on

And much much more according to client’s requirements

contact before placing order for avoid confusions


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