I will create operations manuals for small businesses



An operations manual is particularly helpful for small business with complicated needs. 

Training new employees is always a little bit tough. Learning how a new business operates can be hard! Even as a business owner or a long time employee, it can be difficult to remember all of the little administrative tasks that need to happen in a certain order in order for a business to continue running smoothly. 

Large companies with full human resource budgets have teams of people committed to helping train their employees because when those seemingly small administrative tasks fall by the wayside, so does their business. The same is true for a small business.

So what can you do to help make sure your business isn’t negatively affected? An operations manual can serve as a guide for all of the ways your business runs day to day. It can be your training manual, a reference for troubleshooting, and a resource for existing employees to make sure no task, no matter how small, is missed.

I’m here to help small business gain access to the tools larger businesses use to make sure their needs are met. And an operations manual is a good start!


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