I will create, modify or fix formulas or vba macros in excel or access




For a FREE discussion about a customised offer to suit your requirements, please message me using the “Contact Seller” button first

As every piece of work is
different, I cannot offer any code or formulas under this generic gig to fix an issue or develop a solution – each gig I complete must be priced according to your
requirements, so please do not place an order before contacting me.


I am
willing to fix errors, tidy spreadsheets and write/rewrite VBA macros.  I am able to develop
full applications from scratch in Excel or Access, and link them
together if required.  If you have any
questions, please reach out to me and I will give you an honest
answer about timescales and cost.


As a software developer for over 25yrs, 13 of which in investment banks, I have
developed high value, time critical solutions and experienced the
associated importance and pressures of them.

I have
worked with huge data sets that push both Excel and Access to their limits, and
learnt how to handle the data fluidly and therfore have an indepth knowledge of VBA and

I look
forward to working with you, Kind Regards, Paul


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