I will create hypercasual games with desired artstyle



I will make a great hypercasual game for you. What is a hypercasual game you say? It’s a very addictive kind of game, that people are able to play wherever they are since they require only one button. That’s why those games are all the rage as of now. Literally you can put this game on store and start earning from Day 1.

However, people won’t get interested easily in your game, unless it will stand out on the App Store or Play Store. How you can make it stand out? Make it cool looking.

Want to make a spaceship story?
A fantasy epic?
A dinosaur adventure?

Leave that to me. Feel free to contact me for any further info; we can also think of custom solution and I will be more than happy to discuss the possibility to choose a new evolution of hypercasual games called “hybridcasual games”.


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