I will create flashcards and anki styling



Please contact me before ordering ! Thank you!

I am an
Anki power user since 2009 & contributor. I do appear
in the special thanks section in the credits:

? Shared multiple add-ons for Anki.
? Casual free assistance in official user support.
? Translated Anki to Spanish and Catalan languages.

have a profound knowledge of how Anki works, and therefore other similar. I have
plenty of experience of the 20 rules of SRS of how to properly convert the
information into flashcards.

I have
more than 200.000 flashcards in my collection with 4+ million reviews.

I can scrap data from documents or websites. Please contact me for any question you may have.

can I help you with?

  • Creating flashcards from a
  • Creating the best custom
    card templates for your purpose.
  • Scraping information from a
    file or website and convert it into flashcards.  Such as
    dictionaries, glossaries, large tables, etc.
  • Styling your cards with CSS
    and Javascript.  For instance: clickable buttons, collapsible parts,
    coloring for genders, plurals, etc.

Just ask
me what you wish to solve and I will reply as soon as possible.



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