I will create database design and mysql databases



Have you been Looking for Database Design?
Well, search no further because in this very professional Database design gig I will create database design for you professionally.

Why choose me?

It is a very Important Question everyone asks before selecting someone for its services. Let me answer this question by following points.

  • I offer Reasonable and Affordable Prices.
  • I present Guaranteed Results
  • I emphasize Customer Satisfactions.

  • Client Satisfaction is my only goal. Once you’re associated with me you will witness your project turning into an innovative reality.

    Database Services include

    1.    Database Design
    2.    ER diagram
    3.    Schema diagram
    4.    Logical data model
    5.    Conceptual data model
    6.    Relational data model
    7.    SQL Queries
    8.    Optimization and Design
    9.    Normalization
    10.  Triggers
    12.  Complex Queries

    The databases I am working 

    • MySQL
    • SQLite
    • MS access
    • Oracle 
    • MongoDB

    Please order me if you loved it.


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