I will create custom domain email, business email



If you looking for custom domain e-mail for startup or small business e-mail or branding e-mail, you’re welcomed

A company e-mail means unique idea to communicate with customer and fuel of growing up business engine. Your company or business address will give a unique identity in digital communication and digital marketing world. I will provide these e-mail from a reputed free e-mail hosting company.

Attractive Features-

  • Life Time free
  • Need no extra web storage in your web site.
  • 10GB e-mail storage/per user
  • Additional 5GB extra web storage (For premium package only)
  • Secured and dynamic e-mail
  • Admin panel provide (For premium package only) etc.

E-mail structure-

How you can use these e-mails?
You can use these e-mails-

  • linking with your e-mail
  • through e-mail clients (as- Outlook, ThunderBird etc.) [$10 extra pay]
  • using web browsing (Standard and Premium package only)
  • installing web e-mail client in your website like-https://mail.yourdomain.com (premium package only)

Your happiness is my success.
So, feel free to contact me for any query or any doubt before placing order.


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