I will create custom chrome extension



I create powerful chrome extensions. I have experience creating custom LinkedIn, Twitter, and Steam bots to perform intelligent tasks. From LinkedIn profile recognition and twitter auto-tweeting functionality to smart Steam trading bot.

I specialize in building useful tools for customers. Want to auto-fill some data? You can count on me. Need to scrape websites and store data in the Database? I’m in.

Here’s why you should choose my chrome extension development services:

  • I work fast. You won’t wait forever for your software product;
  • I build functional and useful tools. You won’t get “What is all this” impression from my software, as I build intuitive products;
  • I’m professional and open to communication. I’m a fluent English speaker you can have a voice and video call with. I understand your requirements and can offer my vision of a project.

Feel free to drop me a line to discuss your project. I encourage you to have a brief conversation about the extension before placing the order.


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