I will create budget python scripting solutions for your tasks



Who am I:

I’m a SaaS Ops Engineer with over 5 years of python programming experiences including QA testing, web development/scrapping, and Dev Ops automation. I’m here to provide the budget solutions to speed up your business needs. 

My skill set:

  • Web Scrapping/Automation (data source including Imgur, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
  • QA Testing (functional testing, smoke testing, etc)
  • Dev Ops Tools Development (monitoring, logging, purging, etc)
  • Data Parsing (CSV, XLSX, XML, INI, JSON, etc)

What I can deliver (3Us) for you:

  1. Unbeatable price based on your budget
  2. Unique source code with detailed comments
  3. Unlimited script revision and Bug fix (response time based on the numbers of order in queue)

I’m very concerned about every single order.

For provide reliable and robust scripts to address your needs, please contact me to describe your requirements before placing your order.


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