I will create blueprints for you using unreal engine 4



Note: I’m not an artist, all assets in the screenshots were purchased on the Unreal Marketplace. 

Before ordering, please review my FAQ and contact me for a quote.

I’m offering game play mechanic coding using Unreal Engine 4 and Blueprinting. At this time, I am not offering c++

To complete your request, I will need specific requirements to ensure you receive what you envision. As a developer, I will need your input to ensure I am successful. If your requirements are unclear, I’ll communicate with you to define them. 

I’ll provide public domain assets that you can swap out, or Unreal’s assets, e.g. the default skeletal mesh.

I’ll document all my code and answer any questions you may have regarding what I create; however, if you require migration of code, implementation assistance or consultation, Select the premium gig or reach out for a custom offer.

To ensure your requirements are being met, I send videos.

I’m looking forward to work with you.


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