I will create an outline or a script of your short story, or both


A large number of us have stories we wish to tell, whether in prose or in script form, but may not possess the time or technical navigation to do it. That’s where I can come in.
Though I have scripts and stories of my own to tell, I am always looking for ways to help others, and it matters not what the material will be used for. Whether for reading to the kids, or producing as a short film or any other purpose.
This will be very useful for (film) students or first-time film makers, who have an idea what story they want to tell, but are more concerned with the technical film-making aspect.
I will take your idea and will create a detailed outline, a full script or both. The number of revisions can be looked at depending on ideas or additions that arise. I reserve no rights to the work upon completion of my gig.
Please contact me so we can discuss your ideas and I invite you to see my work before any agreements are made, as I want to make sure I am right for your project.
This applies to both Christian and non-Christian fiction, and the genres of Drama and Thriller specically, but humour can be infused.
Look forward to hearing from you.


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