I will create an effective car ad for listing sites to sell quick



Hello, I’m Mihai_Alexandru and today I will help you create an ad that will sell your car quickly and easily.

I have a 10 years experience in this field. The tips I will give you and the work I will submit will help you sell your cars as fast as you say “SOLD”.

What am I going to do for you?
* I will improve your pictures, make them stand out and attract views and potential buyers
* I will write the text ad entirely
 (Potential buyers respond better to text which is clearly thought out as well as helpful and explanatory)
* I will help you choose where to place your car ad
* I will help you determine your car value
I will highlight the good things (
your car ad should focus on special details which increase the value and set your vehicle apart from the rest).
* I will give you a list of questions car buyers ask sellers (
 you’ll need to be prepared for questions potential buyers may have)
* I will explain you what 
paperwork is required to sell your car 
* I will create a flyer/brochure for direct advertising
I will create social media photo post ads

If you have a special request, I will help you also.

P.S. My gig has a bonus!


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