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I am Brazilian-Japanese, living in Japan for 20 years. 
I have 7 years of experience in working with Japan and overseas sales, assisting companies in doing business in Japan.
Before working as a freelancer, I was trusted to grow the market and also to create new sales channels by doing market research, targeting/contacting new clients, building up new relationships with suppliers, creating new products and promoting it to Japan and worldwide. 
I am a Japan business specialist and I can help you if you are looking to find distributors, contact companies, market research or are looking for a representative in Japan. 
When you hire me, here is what we would do 
1: First, please send me a message 
2: I will ask you to fill out a form with information about your company, including your goals and what are you looking for in entering the Japanese market
3: I will create a strategy plan especially for you and give you some tips on how to do business in Japan 
4: We will decide how many hours we will need on each task
5: Once it is all confirmed, I will begin the task
6: I will send you updates every 2-3 days, so we can confirm we are on the same track


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