I will conduct comprehensive and compelling market analyses



I have a Master’s Degree in Energy Economics and about 4 years of experience as a Business & Market Analyst in different industries for global leading companies (PwC, Engie, Schlumberger).

Why we should collaborate:

  • Specializes in the breakdown of complex information, then redeveloped into comprehensive compelling Market Research Analyses.
  • Provides clients with personal recommendations and solutions in order to create or improve their business operations.
  • Reliable and keeps open communication throughout projects to ensure the highest quality product. I always deliver with a smile and will put the right measure of enthusiasm all along my missions!

I will provide you with the following:

  • Detailed Market analyses in the form of a PowerPoint
  • Recommendations to take concrete actions based on data collected from interviews/ surveys
  • 2 Revisions and regular checkpoints throughout the project

Please note that the duration of the project should be flexible as interviewees responsivity for interviews/ surveys are likely to vary.

Feel free to order now and contact me in order to discuss the scope of your project before I start the research.


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